Lightweight Reddit Live Thread Viewer

Lightweight Reddit Live Threads

Welcome to /r/TropicalWeather's lightweight Reddit Live Thread viewer.

We've had people mention on the subreddit many times about how useful the live threads are for getting information when a hurricane is impacting you, however, during & after storms mobile Internet speeds are horrible. This is usually caused by overloaded phone towers during power outages. This is a super lightweight site, weighing in at less than 3 kilobytes.

If there are any live threads ongoing by the /r/TropicalWeather, /r/WinterWX, or /r/SpaceWeather mod teams, you'll see them above. Just so you can get a feel of what it's like, below are some past live threads, which you can view on here.
(Note: We've maxed out the number of posts that Reddit allows us to display from Live threads, so it doesn't go very far back. That happens to work out fine when the information is needed, however, because you don't need to see very far back to get the latest)

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